Jon-Mirena Landa Gorostiza
Professor in Criminal Law at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU
Director of the Chair for Human Rights and Public Authorities UPV/EHU
News and recent Activities
Hate Crimes in the Basque Country: an Account
Indret-Criminologia y Sistema de Justicia PenalIndret 4/2018
New publication
Recension to the book of LANDA, J.M., Hate Crimes, tirant lo blanch, 2018
by Francisco de Borja Iriarte, Magistrate of the High Court of the Basque CountryIndret 3/2018
Hate CrimesTirant lo Blanch 2018
"Hate crime" is devoted to the legal analysis of the law in force and its case-law in Spain (150 pages) "Hate crimes and Comparative Law" deals with different legal models both from America and Europe (320 pages)